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Monday 25 January 2016 – hot off the press

Monday 25 January 2016 – hot off the press
January 25, 2016 Anne Browse

Tomorrow I head up to London for three days – a task group meeting on Tuesday to plan the Paul Field concert in May, interviews for the next Communications Officer on Wednesday and the Executive meeting on Thursday.  Going away on MWiB business for days at a time means lots of advance preparations, and after a morning of packing and emailing I had lunch with a friend, before heading over to see Hazel.

Hazel currently writes the Prayers for the Week for the MWiB website.  Today there was great excitement in her house, as she took delivery of boxes of her newly printed book, A Sense of Scilly.  A collection of her own poetry and paintings is accompanied by stunning photographs taken by her nephew, Iain.  In Hazel’s own words, the book is created to ‘open up that sense of spirituality found on the islands and celebrate it through paintings and poetry and photographs’.  The book is the culmination of years of work and the realisation of a long-held dream.  It felt a little like the birth of a baby to see the book in print at last!

Next year I hope to go Scilly for the first time.  My own treasured copy of Hazel’s book will definitely be packed in my suitcase to accompany me on my visit!