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Easter Offering in the South Holland Circuit

Easter Offering in the South Holland Circuit
May 17, 2017 Judith Simms

The Easter Offering Worship was very well prepared and enjoyed by all in the congregation on Sunday evening, 14th May. Lovely hymns and beautiful readings really gave the message of the stars shining in the darkness. We prepared shiny stars in gold and silver for the prayers which were then hung  on a tree beautifully designed and made by one of our ladies in the congregation. Our Minister even brought along Star shaped candle holders for the tea-lights which were lit after each story from Brazil, Ghana and Pakistan. The PowerPoint brought home to us the people we were thinking about and really brought the stories to life. Our speaker reminded us of how wonderful it is to look at the dark sky on a clear night and see the stars shining, helping to bring light to a dark road when we are travelling and there are no street lights, and how WE are the stars for the day time shining in people’s lives and working for God here on Earth.

Thank you to all those who prepared this worship – it was a wonderful celebration.

Rita Rowe, Lincolnshire District