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Two Seas Two Scenes – Runner Up

Two Seas Two Scenes – Runner Up
June 28, 2017 admin

Matthew 14 v 22–33   Galilee long ago


The sea shimmered in the midday sun.

Light reflecting on its surface.

Calm, opaque, refreshing, revitalising.

Cool depths of life giving water.

The heat- hazed hills violet

Hugging the peaceful shore.


This was a place of miracles

Of fish and loaves, feeding and feasting,

Fellowship and fullness

Of heaven meeting earth.

Jesus now in need of solitude

As the disciples sailed alone for home.


The lake began to boil as the skies darkened

And the wind blew ferociously

Whipping the waves into a maelstrom.

Threatening the boat as the disciples despaired.

Sails ripped and steering gone,

Suddenly Jesus was there walking on the water.


Peter called out to him and in great faith

Stepped out of the boat walking towards him.

But doubting eyes saw the dangers.

The trust faded and he began to sink,

Crying out in terror, fear and alarm.

But Jesus reached out, held him and the wind ceased.


The Mediterranean today


The sparkling sea bounded by tourist shores

Of sunbeds, sun lotion, and sand castles.

A small boat, laden with forlorn humanity

Escaping from places where between heaven

And earth is a huge chasm of violence, hatred,

War, exploitation and domination.


Cast adrift by ruthless traffickers

With a promise of a new start, a new life

At a huge price for passage.

Clutching their pitiful, precious possessions.

At the mercy of tides, winds and weather

With only a slender possibility of reaching safer shores.


What should we do – here in Western comfort?

How can we help, how can we respond?

Are we called into deeper waters?

To step out of our comfort zones?

To step out of the boat like Peter?

 The refugees have little choice but to step out.

To look for a safer world.


But we know we have a God who holds us and

 We should believe in the challenge Jesus gives us

To discover God’s resources in a different way.

To make this world a place of miracles

Where once more heaven can touch earth.


Our discipleship becoming active and Kingdom focused,

Jesus reaching out to us as he did to Peter.

 To push to our limits and even beyond.

To transform our broken world

And see God’s will on earth as in heaven.


Stepping out together.



© Sue Whalley

Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact for further details.