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    The Walking Madonna – Highly Commended

    The Walking Madonna – Highly Commended
    June 28, 2017 admin

    The Walking Madonna: a statue by Elizabeth Frink in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral.


    She steps out, alone

    Unencumbered by

    Extraneous belongings

    Her back to

    The great and imposing

    Salisbury Cathedral.

    Walking away with

    Purpose and determination

    In her stride.

    So leaving behind

    All issues of dogma, gender and ‘not possibles’.


    The Word that is calling her

    Tells of the love of God

    For all His world.

    For was not this the purpose

    Of her Beloved Son?

    And did not her Beloved Son –

    God’s Son –

    Before her very eyes

    Die nailed on a cross?

    And was not her Beloved Son

    The Risen Christ?


    So she steps out

    Not faltering

    But with head held high

    And eyes unflinching

    Leaving behind

    All that hinders

    Her message of love and compassion

    (which so often is ignored

    and unrecognised).

    Her steadfastness

    Gives hope and courage to us all.

    May we join her pilgrimage

    And follow in her footsteps


    Those of her Beloved Son

    Our Lord and Saviour

    Jesus Christ.



    © Anne Munday

    Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact for further details.