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August 7th 2017 – The Vine

August 7th 2017 – The Vine
August 8, 2017 Sandra Goodwin

Another tale from Mother’s garden – many years ago my father bought a large second-hand greenhouse from a friend, a local grain merchant. Together they dismantled the wood and glass structure before enlisting the help of another friend to transport and rebuild it at the bottom of his garden.

In the greenhouse Dad grew tomato plants, cucumbers and a variety of other plants including bedding plants – it was mother’s task to ‘prick out’ the young seedlings,

One year he was given a small piece of root from a grapevine with the instruction that the root must be planted outside the greenhouse whilst the vine itself must be allowed access through a hole to grow on the inside. The vine grew healthily and strong and eventually produced many grapes.

Over the years, the wooden structure of the greenhouse began to rot so, following Dad’s death in 1998 , the decision was taken to demolish it and replace it with a small aluminium framed greenhouse for mother to enjoy. The vine was chopped down and the root removed – or so we thought!

Pictured above, nearly 20 years later, is the same vine still producing fruit without the protection of glass. Each year we chop it back, it survives the winter months and reappears again in the spring, Its roots must be deep and strong.

No wonder Jesus used the vine to illustrate his teaching!

‘I am the vine, you are the branches —–‘ John 15:5

Every blessing, Sandra