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Friday 11th August 2017

Friday 11th August 2017
August 11, 2017 Sandra Goodwin

Formative Years

A number of blogs ago I said that I’d tell you a little more about myself but then I was side-tracked by mother’s garden, so I’ll try again.

Searching among old photos I found this one of myself and my siblings, Tony my elder brother, and my two younger sisters Elizabeth and Lynne. Taken on the occasion of the Sunday School anniversary, we were all smartly dressed in our new togs.

When we were young Mum used to make all our dresses, using skills that had been passed down through the generations from my great grandfather. He was a tailor and I still have his cutting shears.

Grandparents can play an important role in our early years and this was certainly true for me. I never knew my grandfathers but I remember my grandmothers with much love.

They had very different views on the activities of children.

When staying with my paternal grandmother for the day, Tony and I enjoyed the freedom to roam across fields and country lanes, collect fresh milk from a farm, climb trees, feed hens and pick blackberries.

When staying with my maternal grandmother, a retired primary school teacher, I learnt to read, write, sew, knit and to try to behave like a young lady, attending chapel teas and concerts.

Each grandmother contributed, in their own way, to the formation of my character in those early years.

As grandparents we have a unique role to play. We can give treats without spoiling the child, enjoy their company and watch them develop without the worries of parenthood. Most of all we can listen, sharing their joys and concerns as they find their way through the complexities of life.

Every blessing  Sandra