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October 12th 2017 – ‘Time to ponder’

October 12th 2017 – ‘Time to ponder’
October 12, 2017 Sandra Goodwin

From time to time my mother comes to stay with us in Harlington for a few days. Travelling from Cheshire at the weekend by car, yesterday Mum and I set off on on the return journey, by rail from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.

Arriving at the station we made our way to the usual platform only to discover that all trains were at a standstill due to ‘trespassers on the line’ near Tring. Setting off an hour later on a crowded train, we eventually made our way to Crewe where my sister Elizabeth was waiting for us to take Mum home.

Assuming I’d missed my return train from Crewe I looked at the ‘Departures’ board only to discover that the rail network was in complete chaos! Trains had been severely delayed or cancelled due to flooding.

My initial reaction was one of frustration, and then I began to ponder on the situation. I had food and warmth on the station, I had a warm dry home to return to, all I had lost was a few hours of time.

On the other hand, those involved in the floods would have days, weeks, even months of disruption and heartache as they try to restore their homes to normality.

‘Lord, help us always to see the bigger picture, to put things into perspective, to consider those whose need is so much greater than our own, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.’