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Monday 16th October 2017 – ‘Nature’s carpet’

Monday 16th October 2017 – ‘Nature’s carpet’
October 16, 2017 Sandra Goodwin

We’re in the middle of October, yet most trees in the area where I live are hanging on to their green leaves, unlike the huge sessile oak leaves pictured above which have formed a beautiful orange/brown carpet, much to Toby’s delight!

I love the rich colours of autumn but this year the weather has seemed warmer, we haven’t had that first touch of frost which normally kick starts the winter and the ‘closing down system’ of deciduous trees.

According to weather reports, this unusually warm spell is being caused by the after effects of the huge hurricane storm systems that have caused devastation in so many regions across the world.

The earth’s climate is changing and year on year we are witnessing the effects this is having on the lives of so many people across the world.

Earlier this year, in Bolivia, I witnessed the aftermath of the longest drought ever recorded in the Altiplano region. Crops have been ruined and subsistence farmers are struggling to make a living.

Climate change, caused by extensive use of fossil fuels, impacts on all our lives to a greater or lesser extent.

‘Earth is the Lord’s: it is ours to enjoy it, ours, as God’s stewards, to farm and defend.

From its pollution, misuse, and destruction, good Lord, deliver us, world without end!’

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