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January 12th 2018 – ‘Tales from the Table’

January 12th 2018 – ‘Tales from the Table’
January 12, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

This week has been busy yet rewarding. Different groups have been gathered each day around the table pictured above to discuss, make decisions and plan ahead. Unfortunately, I was so preoccupied with the business of the meetings that I omitted to take a photo of any of them!

On Tuesday, chaired by Carolyn Lawrence our World Federation Officer, we held our first exploratory meeting to discuss the theme, title and ideas, for the Easter Offering service 2019.

As many of you will know, the resources and worship material for the Easter Offering are written and compiled by MWiB on behalf of the Methodist Church to support the work of overseas mission through the World Church Fund.

Although we are only just at the beginning of 2018, the process of writing and compiling material for 2019 needs to begin early in order to allow time for the various stages of production. When ready, the written resources, photos and stories are passed on to the Methodist Church editorial, design and publications teams, translated into Welsh, put online as downloadable resources and printed copies produced.

Quite a process!

The theme of this year’s Easter Offering resources –  ‘Seek peace and pursue it’ is very apt in our current world political climate.  The 2018 resources are available to download from both the MWiB and Methodist Church websites:


A ‘lesser known’ fact is that for several years, linked to the Easter Offering theme, we have produced weekly ‘Lent Reflection’ resources. These resources, also written by members of the MWiB Easter Offering taskgroup and World Church Team, can be used for personal and/or group use.

The first reflection, in preparation for the week beginning Feb 18th, is entitled ‘Disarming Hearts’ was written for us by Sandra Lopez, the World Church partnership co-ordinator for the Caribbean and Americas.

I do encourage you to take a look at the Lent Reflections on the MWiB website at:

All seven week’s reflections are highlighted on the page, simply click on the date you would like to read or download, and share in the reflection.

More ‘Tales from the Table’ in the next blog.

Blessings, Sandra