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5th January 2018 – ‘Star of Wonder’

5th January 2018 – ‘Star of Wonder’
January 5, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

I took today’s photo just a few weeks before Christmas. Situated in the grounds of Chester Cathedral, this large illuminated Moravian star is an amazingly beautiful construction.

The origin of the Moravian star dates back to the 1830’s, to a Moravian boy’s school in Niesky, Germany. It’s believed to have formed a part of a geometry lesson or project. It was subsequently adopted by congregations of the Moravian Church and has become a popular symbol of Christmas and Epiphany.

The Moravian star generally has from 26 to 110 points, the key being that is has to be symmetrical. There’s a nice project for a cold winter’s day!

A number of years ago I worked as a volunteer in two areas of Brazil. My role was mainly a combination of social care and teaching English and at the end of each day it was good to have time to relax and reflect.

One of the great joys I discovered was to sit in complete darkness and simply look up at the night sky. Light pollution wasn’t an issue there and it was possible to observe the Milky Way, myriads upon myriads of stars reaching far into the universe.

The experience brought home to me as never before how seemingly insignificant we are in the vastness of creation, yet each of us are wonderfully made and loved by our Creator.

In this season of Epiphany we remember the visitors from the East who came in search of the Christ child. Guided by their study of the night sky they too were visitors in a foreign land, they trusted their instinct, followed their calling and were amazed and blessed by what they found.

Gracious Lord, Creator and Redeemer, help us to recognise the signs of your calling, to follow that ‘Divine nudge’ and find blessing. Amen

Every blessing, Sandra