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April 27th 2018 – ‘Food for Thought’

April 27th 2018 – ‘Food for Thought’
April 27, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

Either side of the Swanwick Residential weekend, which I wrote about in my last blog, I attended two very interesting and challenging meetings in London.

The first meeting, in the week before Swanwick, was an update on the ‘End Poverty 2030’ campaign. Held in Wesley House, London this ecumenical gathering included visitors from the Micah Society in Germany.

The voluntary EP2030 group aim to raise the profile of the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDG’s) which were agreed in 2015 following the monitoring of the status of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s), and the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign led by Christian Aid.

Many of our churches, groups and charities, including MWiB are already supporting a variety of schemes and work which link to the SDG’s, but we don’t necessarily make that link.

Maybe it would be good if churches and organisations had an SDG chart, link what we do to the appropriate goals and see how we’re doing, and what more we could do – just a thought! More information can be found at:

The second meeting was held at the Amos Trust Centre in St Clements Church London. The topic was ‘Doing Theology in a Strange Land’ based on the theology of the Dalit people and with many similarities to Liberation Theology. The main speakers Dr Vincent Manohara who had travelled from India, Dr Elizabeth Joy and Revd Jacob Devadason, were very passionate about their subject and gave us much to think about.

The Amos Trust works in many areas with people fighting against injustice. The picture above situated in the worship centre and apparently based upon a street map of Jerusalem, was very striking. One block in the upper left of the panel I found particularly moving –


Lots of ‘Food for Thought’

Blessings, Sandra