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May 4th 2018 – ’Forward planning’

May 4th 2018 – ’Forward planning’
May 8, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

On Wednesday, seven intrepid travellers battled their way through torrential rain and wind to attend a meeting in Methodist Church House in London. The purpose of this meeting was to read through and edit the script for the Easter Offering service 2019.

The history behind this service has always fascinated me. In the early 1900’s women of the Methodist Church in London began to collect ‘pennies for mission’, literally a penny each week throughout the year, to support the work of overseas missionaries. At Eastertime this offering was brought and dedicated for the sole purpose of mission.

The idea of regularly collecting small amounts of money for mission gradually spread across Methodism and the dedication service, held around Eastertime, became a tradition throughout the Connexion.

This annual dedication service which includes current stories of mission work has always been planned and written for the Church by women and MWiB continue this tradition.

At the end of this week our script will be sent to the ‘Faith and Order’ committee of the Methodist Church for checking before being placed into the hands of the production team at Methodist Church House.

The 2019 script, ‘Longer Tables, lower fences’ written by Anne Browse reflects on how we build relationship and learn from one another.

In the meantime, many of you will have gathered within your churches, circuits and districts to dedicate this year’s offering to the work of overseas mission using the script ‘To seek peace and pursue it’ written by Rachel Collins our previous Helen Kim Memorial Scholar.

May God bless you all as we work together to support His Mission throughout the world.