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Monday 19th November 2018 – ‘Ending on a high note?’

Monday 19th November 2018 – ‘Ending on a high note?’
November 19, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

Opening the curtains at the beginning of last week we were greeted by this beautiful picture captured above of an autumn garden and beautiful rainbow.

Our 3 year old garden pond is beginning to take on a life and character of its own. The local heron checks it out on a fairly regular basis. Much to the gangly legged bird’s disgust we don’t have any fish and the frogs have become experts at hiding around the garden, apart that is, from a large ornamental bullfrog donated by Mum which sits proudly on the edge of the pond and a frog prince and princess, a gift from the grandchildren and just visible in the photo in front of the ethereal lady,

The water lily, which has now virtually disappeared for the winter, is a gift from our friends Janet and Bill in Nantwich. The ancient lily root has travelled huge distances. Janet’s father was a Methodist minister and moved from place to place along with the lily root which Janet’s Mum kept in an old ‘copper’. The root has been divided and gifted countless times and produces beautiful white flowers.

At the front of the pond stands a bust of Michael Angelo and on old stone water jar both of which travelled far and wide with my late brother Tony and sitting on a stone is a cobra which Dad made out of an old iron gas poker!

This busy week ended on the Saturday evening on a ‘high note’ – with countless low notes sung by bass baritone Jonathan Veira in St Mary’s Church Nantwich. Often referred to as the ‘Cathedral of South Cheshire’ this beautiful historic building was an ideal setting for Jonathan’s ‘Songs and Tales’ a musical feast interspersed with amusing life stories.

And finally, a short list of Christmas rules just received from Jonathan…….

1. Don’t go into debt to show people how much you love them.

2. Don’t go to visit your family if it compromises your mental health.

3. If someone comments on your weight…. Eat them.

Thank you and bless you Jonathan and Sue for a wonderful evening.

Blessings Sandra