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September 2, 2019 Sandra Goodwin

Past generations’ journeys were marked en route by chiselled stones at points along the way showing the direction of significant towns and how many miles to go. Now, when I am driving, particularly along familiar routes, I find myself noting certain places I pass to approximately register how far I have come and how far still to go. It is a way of judging the time spent travelling as well as the distance covered.
It is not just when travelling that we note markers. Certain life events are noted and celebrated, creating memories – births, particularly of family and those close to us; similar are marriages and remembering someone’s life. Some birthdays too hold some significance. My own recent birthday was one of those, not simply marking another decade, but also the start of a new year and a new role. The past few months have hopefully prepared me for the next two years as the role of MWiB President really takes precedence. I still have times when I wonder how I have come into it, and am so grateful for all the prayers that are there supporting me. I also say thank you to all who sent birthday greetings recently. I was very touched as I generally tend to underplay these things.
I think too of those starting new roles this September – going to nursery, pre-school, school, changing school, college, university, new job. All these events are types of milestones in our lives, recognising growth, expansion of our world, learning and maturity. Sometimes there can be daunting feelings as we face new challenges, but the challenges also present opportunities. I believe we have to be brave and see where the opportunities lead.
As I write my mind has ‘popped in’ the thought of those who cannot celebrate their milestones, do not know when or even where they were born, cannot be registered in their country and so have no recognition of identity. It is those kinds of thoughts that spur me on to keep fighting injustices, and try to make some improvements in the lives of others, however small. Those small things can make quite a difference to a person affected, and many small things joined together begin to make impact.