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Methodist Conference Fringe Event 2020: Signs of Kingdom Growth

Methodist Conference Fringe Event 2020: Signs of Kingdom Growth
June 16, 2020 Judith Simms
A collection of positive stories of growth from churches and groups across Britain and from our global Methodist Church Partners.
The 2020 Methodist Conference MWiB Fringe Event, planned in partnership with the Methodist Church’s Global Relationships Team, was to be in the form of round-table discussions on the theme of ‘growth’, with stories from visiting Mission Partners and other World Church visitors as well as opportunity for those attending the event to share what was happening in their own places. However, the event was cancelled due to Covid-19, and instead we gathered together a collection of written stories from Britain and around the world which were then made available online and via social media, two or three for each day of the Methodist Conference (25th June – 2nd July 2020).
You can download a pdf of each day’s stories below. We hope that reading these stories you will be encouraged to see and celebrate the ‘Signs of Kingdom Growth’ in your own church and community.
Thursday 25th June      Today’s stories: Energetic Interconnectedness! (Panama);
                                          Getting Messy (The Channel Islands); Going Green (Romsey, UK)
Friday 26th June           Today’s stories are all from the Birmingham District, UK:
                                          Going Green for God; Bacon Buttie Brilliance; Go for Ghana
Saturday 27th June       Today’s stories: Creativity in Communicating the Gospel (Sierra Leone);
                                          Real Care, Deepening Relationships (Lincolnshire, UK); Young and Old Together (Ilkley, UK)
Sunday 28th June         Today’s stories: Retired and Rejuvenated (Devon, UK);
                                          Kingly Rule (Zambia)
Monday 29th June        Today’s stories: Grace Place (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK); Wellspring and In Together
                                          (Manchester and Stockport, UK); Breaking Bread at the Kitchen Table (Venezuela)
Tuesday 30th June       Today’s stories: Blessings in Brazil; Online and Alive! (Isle of Man, UK);
                                          Hi-Vis Hallelujah! (Lancashire, UK)
Wednesday 1st July      Today’s stories: Giving Starts with a Drop and Turns into a Spring (China);
                                          Open Book, Open Prayer, Open Hearts (Longwell Green, UK)