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    Wednesday 1st July – Signs of Growth

    Wednesday 1st July – Signs of Growth
    July 1, 2020 Judith Simms



    We asked our World Church Partners and Methodist Women in Britain: “What does Kingdom Growth look like where you are?”

    Our prayer is that as you read this final selection stories of what God is doing, even through the challenges, you will be inspired in prayer and faith to step out in mission, be that across the street or across the world.


    GIVING STARTS WITH A DROP AND TURNS INTO A SPRING – from the China Christian Council

    During the Pandemic the Methodist Church in Britain (MCB) has kept in close contact with partners, and responded with solidarity, prayer and support for their Covid-19 focussed work. Early on in 2020 the MCB gave messages of solidarity, prayer and financial support through the China Christian Council. This was their response later in the pandemic:

    “There is an old saying in China: The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring. Now China is working closely with the rest of the world to provide assistance and experience and has provided 83 countries and international organizations with emergency assistance to battle the novel coronavirus. We have much feeling for the people in all those countries affected by the virus. And we believe, with love, prayer and support from each other, we can be strong even in the darkest time.”


    OPEN BOOK, OPEN PRAYER, OPEN HEARTS! – from Longwell Green

    We have an ageing congregation, and many of the children’s groups finished because the schools now run after school clubs. However, in 2019 as a result of a monthly Celebrate service, which follows a late breakfast and is aimed at families including grandparents, two families have started coming regularly to all Sunday services.

    A new headmaster in the local junior school means that ‘Open the Book’ is now welcomed there, and members of our congregation have formed the team to take it.

    We have five coffee mornings a week and are fortunately by a bus stop and opposite Aldi, so non church goers do come in. The church is open for prayer, and there is communion every Wednesday with a growing number attending. A number of newer members came to coffee at first and then started coming to services. The Wednesday service attracts a number of people who are unable to worship on Sundays but still are involved with church outreach.


    You can download a pdf of today’s stories here.