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MWiB Bursaries

MWiB Bursaries
October 24, 2020 Judith Simms

MWiB offers bursaries for women to access training, conferences and retreats that will empower them in faith, leadership and ministry.


Cliff College

We are currently working in partnership with Cliff College, offering bursaries for their new Cliff Year (gap year) programme, the Certificate in Women’s Leadership (a one-week course), and some other short courses and retreats.

Download Cliff College bursary application form  *
      * Application form unavailable – awaiting confirmation of courses running in 2020-2021.

Other bursaries

Bursaries are also available for the World Day of Prayer’s Y-Pray conference, and may be available for other training courses, conferences and retreats that fit with the aims and purposes of MWiB. To enquire about these, please email the MWiB Finance Officer with information about the course or event you’re considering:

Bursaries and funding may be available for MWiB and World Federation events – for information, see individual event posts or contact:

The MWiB Finance Task Group considers each application on its individual merit, and bursaries will not be paid until confirmation is received of your acceptance for any course, conference or retreat.