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President’s Blog 6th January 2021

President’s Blog 6th January 2021
January 6, 2021 Hilary Evans

For women, for justice, for Christ

In 2011 Methodist Women in Britain [MWiB] was formed, building on the work of many women who had served the church in so many ways through previous years. So, 2021 sees MWiB reach its tenth anniversary, and it is hoped that we can mark that occasion in several ways through the year, and continue to build on all that has gone before. Last year created challenges for most of us requiring us to think about how we have done things, and whether a rethink was needed. Personally, communally, and through work we were forced to find different approaches to almost every aspect of our lives. The world of IT and social media has taken over much of our day to day communications helping us to keep in touch both professionally and personally. We have developed new words in our language which now seem commonplace, and as lockdown again dominates our lives we try to plan how to take out hopes, plans and dreams forward.

Through out last year MWiB Executive were able to do much of what we had hoped, despite the restrictions. We continued to meet virtually with each other and a number of other organisations, even introducing some new initiatives. We were surprised at how busy we were even though the pattern of working was different. This pattern look set to continue for some time, but we do look forward to the camaraderie of actually being together. Since Ruth was appointed as Vice president last February we have not been able to meet in person which is a sadness, and makes passing on information more complicated. Nevertheless, we continue to plan for the future and look forward with positive hopes for the continued growth of this MWiB movement.

On a personal note, the past few weeks have been quite challenging. I have had almost no access to my computer, so have been unable to ‘keep up to speed’ with events and news. It has however, had some interesting moments, giving me opportunities to see an environment with which I was unfamiliar, and to observe a range of people. That has been really interesting. Some of the people were in a vulnerable state and needed support. What really caught my attention were their reactions to the professionals caring for them. Most were grateful and appreciative, but one in particular was not, behaving like a spoilt child, swearing and screaming abuse at those trying to help. That was rather sad. I really felt for those on the receiving end of the verbal abuse.

I could see that there were times when what was said really upset the professionals, yet they continued to be just that. They stayed true to their calling.

As we all go forward into a new year I feel inspired by most of what I encountered. I look forward to helping to take Methodist Women into the future as we seek to follow our calling and work ‘For women, for justice, for Christ’.

May 2021 be one which brings many blessings along with the inevitable challenges.