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Prayer for the Week – 12th August 2023

Prayer for the Week – 12th August 2023
August 12, 2023 Bronwen

Holidays are a time when we can Rest and Relax and get away from all the busyness of every day living and do something totally different.  We are meant to re-charge our batteries and be ready to carry on with a fresh outlook on things after the holiday.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out like that, and sometimes it can be more stressful to go on holiday than stay at home.   All the planning and preparation involved in going away is quite phenomenal when we think about ……….choosing a date,  booking it up,  how do we travel, What do we pack, get the pets sorted out, tell the people who need to know we are not around,  etc etc……. By the time we get away, we begin to relax and then we have to come home and it all starts again.  Was it all worth it?    YES we have to do something different to appreciate being away from normal and giving ourselves chance to feel different and to spend time with those we love and live with.  Family life is important and we have to experience Differences to notice each other and be with each other sharing Time and Space together.   Relax and Rest!!!!


O loving God, we thank you that you give us time to do different things and to have a holiday from our everyday lives and Rest and Relax.  Help us to appreciate the time we can spend winding down and slowing down and doing fun things as families with our loved ones.   Please be with those who are unable to take a holiday but help them to do something different each day for a week to know that you are caring for them and loving them.   AMEN

Rita Rowe (Area Trustee Lincolnshire & East Anglia)