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Prayer for the Week – 19th August 2023

Prayer for the Week – 19th August 2023
August 19, 2023 Bronwen

During August it is all Change for our Ministers as they move to different areas and Counties around the Country.   What an ordeal to pack up house every 6 years and “move on”.  We accumulate so much in a short time and then find we don’t need half of what we are packing in the boxes ……… why did we keep it?.   Our Ministers have to take so much with them but they also leave behind a lot too.  They have to decide what is important and what is needed in their future at another place and what can they “Get rid of”?  Decisions and choices have to be made, all in the name of Work and Home life.   Lots of decisions have already been made as they must choose where to go next and what area is the best at this time of their working life.  Also people have already chosen them and invited them to go so it is all a different way of life.  Can we fit in and can we settle in this new place? Questions that they must have in their heads as they start Ministering to new people and learn to live in a different town and Area.  Go with them Lord and bless each one wherever they are.


O Lord we bring to you this week all those Ministers changing areas and Homes, may they settle down quickly and happily in their new home and new Churches.  May they know your guidance and support upholding them during this transaction of “Change”.  Be with all the Congregations as they welcome new Ministers and begin a new chapter in the life of their Worship place.  Be with all those Ministers who are Retiring and starting a new way of life altogether, may they go forward in assurance and knowledge that you are still with them wherever they are and whatever they are doing.  AMEN

Rita Rowe (Area Trustee Lincolnshire & East Anglia)