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November 8, 2011 admin
Reflection 1


  • The World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women (WFMUCW) is active in over 70 countries around the world, wherever there are national churches which are affiliated to the World Methodist Council.
  • Some of these churches are now ecumenical churches (such as the United church of South India, the Uniting Church in Australia) which explains the longer title for WFMUCW!
  • WFMUCW operates in 9 Areas worldwide – our Area is “Europe-Britain and Ireland” and the Area President is Alison Judd, a member of the MWiB executive.
  • Within the Areas there are Units – although our area is numerically large, it has only two units, “Britain” and “Ireland”.  The MWiB President is also the British Unit President of WFMUCW.
  • WFMUCW operates in 5-year periods (Quinquennia) and meets together every 5 years (as does the World Methodist Conference), normally in the same country.
  • The current Quinquennium began this year in August 2011 with the World Assembly in South Africa.  We will next meet in 2016, but the venue for that has not yet been fixed.
  • In between World Assemblies, areas join together to hold a Seminar.  We do this jointly with the “Europe:Continental” Area.
  • The last Joint European Areas Seminar was hosted by the British Unit in Glasgow in May 2009.
  • We have been invited to Italy in 2014 for the next – so watch this space!
  • Much more information about the WFMUCW can be found on their website
  • More information about the British Unit of WFMUCW can be found under “WFMUCW British Unit” under “World” on this website



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