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    How MWiB works

    How MWiB works
    May 31, 2012 admin

    An overview of the structure of MWiB, our constitution, and the ethos behind our name


    There is no hierarchy within MWiB; for purposes of good management and efficient working there are ‘tiers’ within the organisation, and two-way communication is encouraged and expected within and between all tiers. In essence:

    ~ Local church and circuit groups ~
    meeting together for worship, activities, events and fundraising

    many of whom come together within their own

    ~ Methodist District ~
    for activities, events and fundraising for local and connexional projects

    Each District elects a representative to serve for three years on the

    ~ MWiB Forum ~
    which meets twice each year (February and September), and comprises:
    30 District representatives
    World Day of Prayer representative
    British Unit Helen Kim Memorial Scholar
    MWiB Executive team
    [plus non-voting participants including an independent minute-taker and a chaplain]

    Between Forum meetings, the work of MWiB is taken forward (in consultation with Forum when necessary) by the

    ~ MWiB Executive team ~
    MWiB President
    MWiB Vice President
    MWiB Finance Officer
    MWiB Communications Coordinator
    WFMUCW* Area Officer
    [plus a non-voting independent minute-taker]

    * World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women: find out more here



    As part of the process of Methodist Women in Britain becoming a registered Charity in its own right, the Constitution was agreed and signed by all members of the Forum at their meeting on 22nd February 2014, and MWiB was registered by the Charity Commission on 10th April 2014 – charity number 1156626


    Constitution 8.51 MB 537 downloads




    Methodist Women in Britain is the name of the central, Connexional organisation, and is recognised by the Methodist Conference as the women’s movement within the Methodist Church in Britain. Local church, circuit and district groups go by many different names, but all these groups are affiliated to the umbrella organisation of MWiB in that they are represented through their Forum rep, receive our mailings, and contribute financially to the work of the organisation when possible.

    Methodist: The organisation is run by Methodist women and comes out of the specific values and emphases of the Methodist Church, and is grounded in the Methodist tradition – although all women who share our aims are welcome to participate in any activity, event or resource prepared by MWiB.

    Women: We believe that there is a particular value in women meeting together, offering each other solidarity in ‘women-only’ space, standing together with women in our own society and around the world, where many women have been scarred and damaged by their dealings with men and held back by patriarchal structures in both church and society. While men are invited and are welcome to attend and participate in many of our events and activities, it should be to hear things from a woman’s perspective. with our spirituality, our social concerns and our ways of working reflecting feminine views.

    in Britain: MWiB is the women’s movement of the British Methodist church, just as each of our districts, whether part of the British mainland, islands, or separate nations, are districts of the British Methodist Church. It is a way of showing where we are based, but also of emphasising that we are just one part of a global movement.