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Monday 27 July 2015 – Rural life

Monday 27 July 2015 – Rural life
July 27, 2015 Anne Browse

I have done a few things for myself today, as well as working on the publicity for the concert on 21 May 2016 with Paul Field and Garth Hewitt at Methodist Central Hall Westminster. Have I mentioned that before? Only £5 per ticket – booking opens later in August!

I wrote exactly a week ago about the cow who had given birth the day that Alison and Les came to stay, and about the second cow who was also due to deliver, or so we suspected. Well, she produced a healthy calf this morning, another heifer, so that was good news in our household. It is always a relief when a cow delivers her calf without intervention, especially expensive intervention from the vet!

I blogged this time last year about our local agricultural show, where the churches pull together to serve free refreshments all day to visitors to the show, whether or not they attend church! Well, that was last Saturday, a sunny day sandwiched (no pun intended) between two rather wet days here in Devon. A team of volunteers had worked hard on Friday evening to prepare 400 rounds of sandwiches, with fillings to suit every taste, and another team spent the day on kettles and tea pots and clearing tables.

Today’s photo shows bagpipes left outside while a group of pipers went in for tea! In the background is a car brought to the show by, which provided a talking point for many of the passers-by!