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Sunday 29 November 2015 – taking time to reflect

Sunday 29 November 2015 – taking time to reflect
November 29, 2015 Anne Browse

I realise that I have not blogged since Wednesday!  From Northampton on Thursday I travelled to Launde Abbey for a retreat with the MWiB executive.  We meet once a year to be quiet and to make space to listen to ourselves and to God.  This year Rev Alison Tomlin joined us and led our reflecting.  Most of us managed to lay technology to one side for much of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I was amused that my watch battery also stopped working on Friday, and so for much of the retreat I was strangely unaware of the time.

I was jolted back into the ‘real world’ yesterday, as I returned via the newly refurbished Birmingham New Street station.  I can only describe the way it felt as ‘crashing and clanging with bling’!  I had an hour to wait and found a little coffee shop on the edge of the complex.  I travelled back on a train full of Christmas shoppers laden with bags and many of them already in the Christmas spirit, literally!

This afternoon I am packing to go to Cornwall and looking forward to being with the women of that district at Treloyhan Manor.  I hope that as we spend time together there we will be able to understand a little more of the reality of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us in the very midst of our everyday lives.