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    Saturday 5 December 2015 – home from Cornwall

    Saturday 5 December 2015 – home from Cornwall
    December 5, 2015 Anne Browse


    It seems an eternity since I communicated via the blog!  I usually try to write something on most days, because I know that if you go to a website and nothing has changed you are less likely to keep checking it regularly.

    A combination of technology problems and spasmodic internet access at Treloyhan this week made it impossible to update the blog.  I will try to write more regularly next week!

    I have enjoyed the company of two wonderfully diverse, welcoming groups of women.  Not all Methodists, but simply a delightful mix of women, filling the week with their wisdom and warmth, their laughter and love, their faith and their friendship.  I gained so much from being with them.

    In the photo with me, from left to right, are Margaret, Jenny and Barbara.  Slightly fuzzy, but recognisable, I hope!