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January 26th 2018 – ‘Commitment’

January 26th 2018 – ‘Commitment’
January 26, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

I awoke this morning at 8am, which is very late for me, I’m normally what is called a ‘morning lark’ rather than a ‘night owl’.

My excuse this morning was that my 4-legged friend, Toby, took it into his head to wake me at 1am for a trip outside to ‘spend a penny’. Fortunately it was a very mild night in this corner of Bedfordshire!

I pointed out to Toby that this was very anti-social behaviour. However, looking at me disdainfully, he consumed the biscuits that were left in his bowl and had a good drink of water before consenting to curl up in his basket and go to sleep. Needless to say it took me a lot longer to catch my sleep!

Yesterday I was in Kings Cross Methodist Church, London for our BEH District MWiB executive meeting. Beds Essex and Herts is a ‘sausage shaped’ District and it is far easier for members to meet in London rather than travel by road from East to West.

The geographical shape of many Methodist Districts across the Connexion can make effective communication difficult and organising District events at accessible venues can be a problem.

When faced with these difficulties, I often recall the words of Pastor Ernesto Swartele, founder of ‘Betel Children’s Home’ in Brazil, who used to say ‘We don’t have problems, simply challenges, and God will help us overcome these challenges’.

We are extremely grateful to the Circuit, District and Connexional teams of women who continue to work, plan and share fellowship together. Their commitment enables MWiB to carry out its mission to support those in need at home and abroad, to provide ‘safe spaces’ for sharing and to explore different, creative ways of encountering God through our spirituality.

So I’d like to say a big ’thank you’ to our BEH committee members pictured above for a very positive time of sharing, caring and planning. I hope all your journeys home went smoothly.

Wishing you every blessing


ps at the time of writing this, Toby is still asleep