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March 20th 2018 – ‘A Brave New World’

March 20th 2018 – ‘A Brave New World’
March 20, 2018 Sandra Goodwin

On Saturday I travelled to the Methodist Central Hall in Manchester to participate in the fourth annual Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) Conference.

Based in Methodist Church House London, JPIT is an ecumenical organisation. Our British World Federation Helen Kim Memorial scholar, Rachel Allison, works alongside Rachel Lampard MBE the JPIT team leader and has developed a useful information link between MWiB and JPIT bringing the status of current political issues such as the Nuclear Ban Treaty, FGM, Universal Credit and the Refugee Crisis to our attention.

The Conference was well attended and, as you can probably guess from the above photos,

I was sitting with many others in the gallery.

One of the highlights of the day for me was the first workshop I attended. Entitled ‘Challenging Hate’ we looked at many issues within our society which fuel hatred and the ways in which faith organisations can come together, share in conversation and take action in order to build bridges of hope.

Meeting just 12 months after the attack on the Manchester Arena we saw images not only of the devastation caused by the attack but photos of the newly formed organisation ‘WeStandTogther’. Applauded by the government, this campaign led by the ‘Manchester Evening News’ and supported by people of all faiths and none, aims to create a safer city.

From their new website we read:-

‘We want to make sure every child in Greater Manchester is given the chance to learn about peace and how to solve problems without turning to violence. To encourage and celebrate acts of love and kindness and to help fight every kind of crime which is driven by hatred’

A very thought provoking day!

‘We pray for peace, and not the evil peace

defending unjust laws and nursing prejudice,

but for the real peace of justice, mercy truth and love.’

Alan Gaunt StF 719 vs 3

Peace and blessings, Sandra