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    asterisk – highly commended

    asterisk – highly commended
    July 5, 2016 Lynne Ling

    For the Lord is good *


    “Asterisks indicate a pause;

                                 extra space between words

                                 indicates a ‘mental comma’ “

    (Hymns & Psalms, Methodist and Ecumenical Hymn Book,

    Introduction to the Canticles and Psalms)


    But for the instruction to pause,

    to breathe, to ponder,

    we would trip from one word to the next.


    But for the exercise in punctuation,

    a      comma      separates      thoughts,

    our sentence would run-on in a stream of sound.


    But for the unexpected asterisk,

    a break in the text,

    even our prayers would lack the listening spaces.


    But for the guidance to linger

    on God’s goodness

    our vision would remain at our own level.


    His mercy is forever:

    His faithfulness throughout all generations

    (Psalm 100:4)


    © David Markay

    Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact Lynne Ling for further details.