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    Come As You Are – highly commended

    Come As You Are – highly commended
    July 5, 2016 Lynne Ling

    Come As You Are


    It was when there was nowhere else to turn –

    when I’d run out of argument,

    that I confronted you –

    relentless Lover.

    Your light exposed the threadbare

    nature of my armour –

    the flimsy scaffold of my defence.


    You stand there, astride the centuries,

    your feet on the ground

    your eyes on the frontiers of eternity.


    In your joyful exuberance you call –


    Come with me!

    Come into my space!

    Love is infinite! So –

    steer by a different star,

    live on a bigger map,

    come to different conclusions,

    change your priorities,

    share my spaciousness!


    Agoraphobic, I hide –

    behind habit, tradition,

    “We’ve always done it this way.”

    I’m daunted by your space.

    There’s no assurance of a comfort zone.

    No promise of security.

    No shelter from the blazing Love

    that set the show in motion.


    Fearing the unpredictable

    I plead inadequacy,

    lack of good connections,

    general unworthiness.


    You say

    Come as you are,

    and hold out your hand.


    I take the outstretched hand,

    but carefully,

    remembering that it is wounded.


    © Rosemary Wakelin

    Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact Lynne Ling for further details.