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    December Blossom – highly commended

    December Blossom – highly commended
    July 5, 2016 Lynne Ling

     December Blossom


    Fragile in the dark, dank wet.

    A protest of premature loveliness.

    A flickering flame to be snuffed out

    by wind, water and belated frost.


    Should we celebrate your presence?

    Bringing promise ahead of time?

    Or fear for an unsettling future

    Where no season is ever foreseeable?


    Yet wasn’t it always so?

    Costly hopeless protest

    Sending a melting trickle down spines

    of those who would freeze history.


    Suffragettes made Churchill shiver

    more than Boers and Blitzkrieg.

    Luther King Jr. made Klansmen tremble

    more than even Lincoln and Grant.


    Gay, lesbian and trans folk at Stonewall,

    In the harshest weather, terrifyingly out of season,

    fell before brutal baton charges,

    but beckoned an unlooked for spring thaw


    December blossom will not last.

    Yet isn’t such seeming forlorn sacrifice

    the defiant pink protest banner

    of the Easter kingdom which is to come?


    © Ken Stokes

    Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact Lynne Ling for further details.