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    Deep Calls to Deep – highly commended

    Deep Calls to Deep – highly commended
    July 5, 2016 Lynne Ling

    Deep calls to deep

     From deep within me comes a keening cry,

    That is swallowed into the darkness.

    Deep within You I find your familiarity with suffering,

    Compassion and the power to heal.


    From deep within me worry turns my stomach,

    And my anxious thoughts wreak havoc.

    From deep within you is a peace that transcends my plans,

    You are creator and sustainer of the universe


    From deep within me the insecurities loom large,

    And threaten to crush me.

    From deep within you I find my place –

    That I have value and worth and purpose


    From deep within me come shame and guilt,

    Shouting loud to condemn me.

    From deep within you I find extravagant grace

    Poured out, granting me forgiveness and hope.


    From deep within I find joy in my Saviour,

    And worship tumbles out in praise.


    © Hannah Belsham

    Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact Lynne Ling for further details.