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    Easter Morning 6am – runner-up

    Easter Morning 6am – runner-up
    July 5, 2016 Lynne Ling

    Easter morning 6am


    From the depths of space

    the light of dawn slips uncertainly

    over the edge of the world;

    The cold of early morning

    slowly seeps through warm clothes

    as a robin greets the day

    in cheerful song. A small group of friends

    watch the darkened sky

    turn ever brighter,

    the light of the sun covering stars

    and chasing the moon into paleness.

    We sing, at first hesitantly

    and then more boldly,

    the gathering chorus of birds

    accompanying our song of Easter praise.

    Is this not how faith comes,

    gently growing from deep within

    until the full light of God’s Grace

    floods our lives and hearts and beings

    and we are dazzled by His love?

    27 March 2016

    © Tricia Rayner

    Copyright remains with the writers in each case. Please contact Lynne Ling for further details.


    This short piece captured the attention of all the judges:

    • With masterful economy of language this poem vividly conjures up a hillside before dawn on Easter morning.
    • The theme From Deep Within is subtly present throughout.
    • On one level, visual and auditory elements provoke a profound physical experience recognised by many Christian worshippers.
    • At a deeper level, this physical experience of dawn is compared to the inner dawning of revelation and understanding as faith is born.
    • The experience of light dispelling darkness and life destroying death is a universal Christian theme.
    • This could be used in worship as well as in private devotion as a meditation.