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Wednesday 12 April 2017 – Bolivia, Bradford, bridges…

Wednesday 12 April 2017 – Bolivia, Bradford, bridges…
April 12, 2017 Anne Browse

Sandra and Chris are safely in La Paz and Chris has sent back this photo of their welcome. Further news will follow as we receive it. We remember and pray for them as they build links with the women and communities whom they will meet over the next ten days.

I said I would write more of the bridge knitting project about which Barbara Glasson, from Touchstone in Bradford, wrote in the Methodist Recorder on 24 March. The idea is to construct a blue and yellow knitted bridge from pieces 30cm wide and 120cm long. The reason for the blue and yellow colour scheme is that the bridge will be used first for the Tour de Yorkshire which will be coming through Bradford this month.

It is hoped that people might get together to do this, thus creating ‘bridges’ of relationship and friendship as they knit – and no doubt natter! This is not just about the final product – a bridge – but about the process itself – creating bridges. How good if groups could bring together people of different faiths, or ages, or backgrounds! If you would like to get involved in this particular project please contact Touchstone to let them know by emailing

Building bridges, showing support, creating community – in Bolivia, in Bradford, wherever we have opportunity and however we choose to build…